My millennial queen –
with an iris of blue and white
reflecting Facebook news feeds

Awkward silences broken by inquisitions of
acquisitions of beauty –
“which filter should I use?”

My millennial queen –
All passions having left her life
Replaced by … scroll scroll scroll tap
Hours wasted away
Beauty and youth fading into a screen
Exchanged for megabytes of data

If only she could see how beautiful the world is –
of course it is beautiful, her being part of it.

Instead, she is stuck in a shadow of photoshopped, perfected Instagram fame.
But no shadow can be cast from the shade –
“Sun don’t shine in the shade!”
Light is not born in darkness.

Without a shadow,
and maintained a forward gaze,
we see:
No proof of existence, just a scanning set of eyes.

A glance at the mirror before leaving the bathroom.
A selfie snapped in perfect lighting.
A tally of likes on the latest image.

Because how else can she know she exists?